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Private Investigation in the Los Angeles Area
As Private Investigator I’ve seen a lot and have done it all. Luckily I have helped out a lot of people along the way.  My goal as a private investigator is to help you uncover the “unknown.”  Do you want to know what your employee is doing while they are out in the field? Maybe you’re a large insurance firm or Corporation and your workers compensation claims are through the roof. Are you starting to suspect your claims could be fraudulent? How about Personal Injury investigations?  From trip and falls, auto accidents, to staged accidents, and finally child custody issues. Don’t you want to know what these people are doing on their day to day?  Do they work? What are they doing after work?  Who are they meeting with?  Luckily, we’ve got you covered.  Again, our goal is to help you uncover the unknown.  With a healthy mindset, a plan of action, and budget, we can dial in almost any situation.  Please don’t be afraid to ask if you feel that you have something unusual or unique.  When I say we’ve heard it all, I mean we’ve heard it all.  We would love nothing more than to help come up with a unique approach to your situation.
  • Locates: When it comes to locates we offer two kinds.  Our level one locate is done online. We search special databases plus social media information.  This will hopefully help us further identify subjects, family members, and what they are doing and or what they have been up to.    Our “level two” locate is when we do the above but then follow it up with field work.  We run real estate records, then travel to newly uncovered addresses to run license plates, and make contact with neighbors.  The cost for a level two locate is different on each file as the costs are based on the cost of a Level One locate plus investigative field hours.

  • Surveillance: There are many reasons one needs surveillance performed and it all boils down to this.  What are these people up to?  PERIOD!
Personal Injury Investigations

There was some sort of accident and the attorneys or insurance firm needs to follow up with the case.  Often times they don’t suspect fraud, they only want to see if this person is healing well or as injured as they claim to be.  Sadly, today it is knownthat insurance companies will pay or the... READ MORE

Workers Compensation Investigations.

We specialize in workers compensation surveillance.  I’ve always has a special place in my heart for workers compensation investigations. I Love these cases and I think its because I’ve seen direct results from good inves... READ MORE

Child Custody investigations

Probably the most emotional of all cases.  We suggest discussing the case in great length to determine what your exact needs are.  Sadly, all of these Child Custody cases vary, some being more complex than others.  Most of... READ MORE

Cheating Spouse or Partner’s Investigations.

These cases nearly always boil down to surveillance.  Often times (legally) we can place GPS trackers on their vehicles to better assist us in following them or simply keeping track of their activities.  If there is a person or phone number you suspect your part... READ MORE

Background checks:

“Level One” Background checks are done in two ways and cost vary significantly.  The first option is to track things down online.  Utilizing special database services that law enforcement uses plus digging up social media accounts, and other online services.  This is your typical backgro... READ MORE