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Cheating Spouse or Partner’s Investigations.

These cases nearly always boil down to surveillance.  Often times (legally) we can place GPS trackers on their vehicles to better assist us in following them or simply keeping track of their activities.  If there is a person or phone number you suspect your partner isn’t being honest about, that’s not a problem either.  The more information we have the better we can dial in your needs.  Lets discuss your partners work, their work hours, when they have opportunity to sneak out and if you suspect a person, lets discuss what you know about them.  

When talking to clients who suspect their partner is cheating we’ve identified the top 5 most discussed indicators of cheating are:  
1.Your spouse hides the phone screen from you when he/she is texting. (or slips out of the room to take a quick call)  
2. Lying about their whereabouts or who they are with, A sudden change in their habits; new clothes.  
3. new gym membership etc, Your partner is emotionally unavailable or the sex is lacking.  
4. Your spouse or partner deletes the last call or text messages OR they suddenly put a new passcode on their phone. 
Here are a few freebies that can NOT be ignored:
1. Your partner or spouse has a second phone.
2. They are hiding a spare set of clothing & cologne in the trunk.
3. They work more than they used to. (whether it is longer days or more days at work)

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