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Child Custody Investigations

Probably the most emotional of all cases. We suggest discussing the case in great length to determine what your exact needs are. Sadly, all of these Child Custody cases vary, some being more complex than others. Most of these cases are cases where a parent is wanting more custody to reduce their monthly expenditures. Other cases are of parents that lye about their income and or how they aren’t working. The most extreme of these cases are of actual physical abuse where a parent or guardian were being physically or verbally abusive to the child and or using drugs. Luckily, these cases are all within our wheelhouse. We prefer to start out with a few days of surveillance to document any suspicious activity on video. It is also suggested that a social media search and background check be performed on the guardians, nannies, or the new boyfriends or girlfriends. With good intelligence and video, this will allow your attorney to follow up with the courts.

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