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Personal Injury Investigations

There was some sort of accident and the attorneys or insurance firm needs to follow up with the case.  Often times they don’t suspect fraud, they only want to see if this person is healing well or as injured as they claim to be.  Sadly, today it is knownthat insurance companies will pay or the people are of the mindset of making the insurance companies pay. NOT all claims are fraudulent.  When it comes to suspected fraudulent cases, it should be an all out assault.  Background checks plus surveillance!  Today’s fraudsters are very sophisticated and they have a lot on learning tools at their fingertips; The internet blogs & videos and how to books!  Not to mention that most of these personal injury attorneys warn their clients about surveillance investigators. And if the attorneys aren’t warning them, you better believe their doctors are. Don’t take this lightly. Perform a simple google search or search and find out for yourself. I’ve literally seen a person who was bandaged and braced and when he walked you would have thought he was going to fall over and die! When he won his law suit, he and the attorney were at his car hugging and laughing while the Injured person ripped and yanked his braces off! I wish I were kidding.

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