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Workers Compensation Investigations

We specialize in workers compensation surveillance.  I’ve always has a special place in my heart for workers compensation investigations. I Love these cases and I think its because I’ve seen direct results from good investigative work.  I’ve assisted in supporting claim denials, I’ve assisted in building fraud cases, and I’ve sent a few people to jail (two persons that I’m aware of).  I’ve also seen one or two bogus claims close a small business because they didn’t investigate their claims.  Today these claims are plaguing businesses and insurance companies all over the states, especially in California.  Workers compensation claims are costing insurance companies millions of dollars and some of these claims are worth fighting but go undetected. Hire us for unparalleled results.  We prefer to gather intel via background checks, and social media checks, along with a few days of surveillance.  With good information and excellent surveillance video, the results often times are worth it.  Again, keep in mind that these claims are highly discussed amongst attorneys, doctors and their clients.  They know who we are and that their claims will be investigated.  If you don’t believe me, perform a simple search and see for yourself what’s on the internet.

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