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Surveillance Investigations.
Surveillance is surveillance! In my professional experience, it all boils down to these few things; be early, find your subject, document their activities, and don’t get caught. My name is Ken Childs and I am a surveillance expert. I entered the industry when I was twenty years old and have done it all. I’ve performed surveillance on personal injury claims, worker’s compensation cases, to watching for fugitives and their families, suspected criminals, drunks, persons who have threatened to kill their co workers & bosses, and those who are in hiding. Ah, I forgot to mention, the cliché cheating spouses. What can I say? I’ve been doing this a long time and again, I’ve done it all. As a surveillance expert, why would I treat any of these cases differently? Each client is equally important; lawyers, single mothers, and insurance clients. They need us to provide them with evidence they need to help them prove their case. Insurance clients need us to follow up with suspected fraud or malingering claims. Cheating spouses need proof to show their husbands, wives, or lovers that they aren’t losing their minds. (In some states, adultery actually matters in divorce cases.) Fugitives with the catch me if you can mentality. Employers have us watch over their worker’s compensation claims, sales reps, products or anyone who threatens to harm or kill their past co workers. You’ve all heard of the stories where someone threatened to kill everyone on the way out of their office? Yeah, that guy (or girl) We’ve watched them to!

What separates PIS from the rest of the investigators? I knew you’d be asking that. The quality of our work product is simply superior. PIS trains its employees to NOT get caught up in the action itself but to focus on the quality of our evidence; clean, clear, and steady video, sharp images, and detailed notes. This is what your attorney’s going to need when they go to court to argue your case.

PIS utilizes the latest equipment. The reason why we don’t buy “the latest and greatest” is because our years of experience dictates otherwise. For example: 4K & 8K video are a thing at the moment. They are insanely sharp and you can zoom in to see a mouse from a helicopter. HOWEVER, what good does that do when most computers and the internet can only manage to play back high definition? It renders 4K useless. So why use it? With that said, we have the best 1080 camcorders and the best video processing system yielding the best results. Our 1080 plays back far superior to most other private investigators who utilize 4K cameras.

So hire us and get the best results possible. We’ll deliver the cleanest and clearest video possible.